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Cadence Music - History

Cadence Music originated in the 70's as a company selling uniforms and instruments to drum and bugle corps and marching bands. We purchased the company sometime during the 80's and continued with the original business. In the course of doing this, we took on several percussion lines, mostly of the marching variety. In about 1991, a local store (on the West Side) closed and I saw the opportunity to get into the retail business. I decided on percussion because I know more about that than anything else and there really wasn't a drum shop in the area. I chose Westmar Plaza for it's proximity to expressways and abundant parking. I started with a relatively large store and found out quickly that I needed to go smaller in order to survive.

Space efficient racks Our second store was about ten feet wide, and was a bit tight. Two large customers and we were a fire hazard (as the fire marshal informed us). It provided us an opportunity to grow a bit with low overhead, and develop a customer base. When the fire marshal prevailed and we finally moved, we spent a Sunday carrying everything across the plaza to our new store, assisted by some of our customers. We moved three drum sets and about 30 cymbals (now, five years later, we typically carry 40 sets and over 500 cymbals)
The new "Big" store
Even in our new "big" store (about 1400 square feet) we soon ran out of room. Several of our customers who happen to be carpenters built us shelves of all sorts and we now probably are as space efficient as any structure on earth. As we grew, we picked up more lines, such as DW, Spaun, and most recently, Mapex and Gretsch, to add to our original one (Premier).

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