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Our Services

Photo of stands First and foremost, we sell drums and percussion accessories. We are a dealer for Mapex, Premier, Gretsch, Drum Workshop, Pacific, Sonor, Spaun, Fibes, GMS, and all of the usual entry-level brands.

We provide most repair services (except bearing edges and covering) and expert tuning of all drums, and maintain a good stock of parts.

Photo of CymbalsWe carry over 500 cymbals in stock, set up so that you can play them. We have a complete line of Sabian, Zildjian, and Paiste, as well as a good selection of Bosphorus, Istanbul Mehmet, Wuhan, and UFIP. We can also order Istanbul Agop, Meinl, and other brands.

We carry, in stock, about 90% of the heads that are made by all major manufacturers, such as Evans, Remo, Aquarian, Attack, and Bear, as well as low cost no-name heads. If we don't have it, we can get it.

The above applies to sticks also. We carry Vic Firth, Pro-Mark, JohnnyRabb, Vater, Regal Tip, Silver Fox, Cappella, and others, both sticks and brushes/specialty items.

Photo of pedalsWe carry a complete selection of hand percussion by all manufacturers as well as hand-made African items.

We are knowledgeable about drum corps and marching percussion, having been associated with this aspect of the business for over 40 years.

We carry an extensive line of concert percussion items such as mallets for timpani and mallet instruments from all major manufacturers.

We have a reasonable degree of expertise in vintage and antique drums, and can help you identify and assign a value to any old instrument.

And finally, if you have a family member who, for some unknown reason, plays a musical instrument which is not a drum, we carry a full line of strings, reeds, mouthpieces, lubricants, and accessories for all of those other instruments.

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